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                    Spring 2021 season has come to a close. 

Registration for Fall Ball is currently open.  Click here for details about Fall Ball.

Registration for Spring 2022 will open in November 2021. 
Assessments will be held on two Saturdays in January, teams will form in early February, and the Opening Day will be February 26th. The seasons runs through the first weekend in June. 

*Please read through all these questions and answers below before emailing or asking questions*

When are the Spring season registration dates?

November 1st - Registration Starts
January 14th - Registration Closes

Who can register to play in our league?
Your child must either live in our league boundary or go to school in our boundary. You can click on this link and enter an address to check if it's in our boundary: League Finder Link

What is my child's League Age? 
Your child's league age for the Spring season is what their age would be on August 31st of that same year. For example: for Spring 2022 season, your child's league age is their age on 8/31/2022.

How do I know what division to register my child for?
**See the Guidelines and Registration Suggestions by League Age Listed Below**

League Age 6 year olds: Most play Tee Ball, but they have the option to try out for CAPs (machine pitch). If not drafted in CAPs, they’ll play Tee Ball. Usually only a few 6 year olds play CAPs and they can already catch, throw and hit off the pitching machine.

League Age 7 year olds: Most play CAPs. They have the option to play Tee Ball if needed. If registered for CAPs they will play CAPs. If registered for Tee Ball and we determine they could be a safety hazard in Tee Ball (i.e. can hit the ball hard and hurt someone), we’ll contact you and recommend that they play CAPs.

League Age 8 year olds: Most play CAPs, but they have the option to try out to play up at Minors (kid pitch). If not drafted in Minors, they will play CAPs. Usually only a few 8 year olds play Minors and they can already catch, throw and hit well.

League Age 9 year olds: Most play Minors (kid pitch) but they have the option to play CAPs. If they’re registered for CAPs but drafted by a Minors team or if they could be a safety hazard in CAPs, we’ll contact you and recommend that they play Minors.

League Age 10 year olds: Can only play Minors, they cannot play down at CAPs or play up at Intermediates.

League Age 11 year olds: Most play Intermediates, but they have the option to play Minors. If they’re drafted by Intermediates or if they could be a safety hazard in Minors, we’ll contact you and recommend that they play Intermediates.

League Age 12 year olds: Can only play Intermediates, they cannot play down at Minors or play up at Juniors.

League Age 13 year olds: Most play Intermediates, they can also play Juniors. This age group also has the option to play both Intermediates and Juniors, however it’s two registrations fees, two uniforms, two game schedules and the games sometimes conflict. Per our league rule, they can only pitch in one division and pitch count rules will be followed.

League Age 14 year olds: Can only play Juniors, they cannot play down at Intermediates or play up at Seniors.

League Age 15 year olds: Can play Juniors or Seniors, or both, however they cannot pitch or make the All Stars for Juniors. They can pitch and make the All Stars for Seniors. If playing both, there are two registration fees, two uniforms, two separate seasons. These seasons don’t conflict since Juniors ends by 1 June and Seniors starts around 1 June.

League Age 16 year olds: Can only play Seniors. Our league plans to have a Senior division but registration won’t open up until 1 May and season won’t start until 1 June.  Season has to start after high school season is finished.


What if my child used to live in the boundary or go to school in the boundary but doesn't anymore?
Your child had to live in our boundary or go to school in our boundary at some point to be eligible for All Stars. If your player moved or changed schools since last season, then contact the league Player Agent to get the correct Waiver completed to keep your child eligible for All Stars. 

Note: Sunset View Elementary, Silver Gate Elementary and Dana Middle School are NOT in our boundary (they are in Pt Loma LL boundary).
 If your player goes to one of these schools, either their home address must be in our boundary or in the case of Dana Middle School, their elementary school was in our boundary. If your home address is not in our boundary, but their elementary school was in our boundary and now your player now goes to Dana, contact the Player Agent to complete a 2d waiver.

What if my child has never lived in the boundary or gone to school in the boundary?
If your child has never lived in our boundary and never went to school in our boundary and they still want to play in our league, they need to complete an "Out of Boundary Waiver" which needs to be notarized and approved by District 32. They are not eligible for sanctioned All Star tournaments. 

How do I register my child to play?

Create a user name and password on this website, enter you information and your child's information, select their division, answer the registration questions, and pay the registration fee. 

Do I need to upload birth certificate and residency documents when I register my child?
No, this is optional. We need hard copies of your player's residency documents which are collected at assessments. 

When does the season start?
Spring Season registration starts November 1st, assessments are in mid-January, teams are formed by the start of February, first games are the last Saturday of February, and last games are the first weekend of June. Each team plays about 16 games plus playoffs.  

When are games played?

Games are played on each Saturday starting around the  last Saturday of February and going through the first Saturday of June. After the time change in March, we begin to play weekday evening games as well between Monday and Thursday.  Each team will play a minimum 1 weekday evening game per week (rotating between Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and 1 Saturday game.    

When are practices?
Practice days/times and location are up to the manager to coordinate with the teams.

What are assessments?
Assessments are required for Spring season so that the managers can assess the skill levels of the players and we can evenly balance teams. All players must attend assessments or they will not be eligible for the draft.

How are teams formed?

Spring teams are created using draft. Players attend assessments and their skills are evaluated. The players are ranked based off their evaluated skills. The managers then use the rankings as a guide to select their team through a draft. Assessment and rankings are done to help evenly draft the teams. The league will not honor any buddy or manager requests in the spring.

What if my child wants to play up but that division isn't available in their registration?
If you would like your child to play up a division please register for the lower division and attend assessments for the higher level age groups.  When registering inform the Player Agent that you would like to be able to move up if possible.  For children League Age 6 that would like to play in CAPS you must complete the following requirements; have played at least 1 season Tball or equivalent at a baseball school, must pass a safety assessment, must attend a skills assessments for the league age 7 children and you must be drafted by a team in CAPS.  You are not guaranteed to play up a division unless drafted in that division.

When are game schedules posted:
Game schedules are created and published no later then 1 week before Opening Day.  Weekday games are played 5pm to finish.  First games on Saturday can begin at 8am, last games can start as late as 4 pm after day light savings time.

Tball teams will be grouped with friends.  All kids registered will have a chance to request a buddy to play with.

Tball will have an orientation day where parents can meet and break into teams.

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